This has to be one of the most trendy DIY's out there today. The girls love it... and lets be honest its even fun to play with it as an adult.  There are so many variations of slime. I didn't realize how big of a thing this was until I went on Youtube... holy smokes. SLIME.

For my daughters Birthday she wanted a Slime Kit.... I made her a slime kit.  Read through how to make slime, and I will give you the MUSTS and the OPTIONALS.  We also made a video and posted it on IGTV - so make sure to check that out.

What you NEED:

  • - Glue - white is easier to work with - so if you are new to slime, start with WHITE
  • Activator - there are several options for this:
    • - Borax with water - this is what we use
    • - Laundry Detergent liquid - this alters the color, but does give a pearl affect
    • - Contact Solution - takes alot to get a good slime
    • - Sta-Flo - I haven't tried this yet, but hear its the best!
  • Texture options - these are additives to your slime always add less than the amount of glue you have
    • Baby Oil
    • Baby Powder
    • Shaving Creme
    • Shaving Gel
    • Beads
    • Glitter
    • Wax/Crayon
    • Silly String
    • the list goes on.. share your ideas with us!
  • - Essential oils - If you want a nice sent and to rep the benefits of the oils
  • - Coloring - not as cool without a fun color!
    • - Paint, or food coloring work great - color changing interest you?
    • You will see us use capsules in our video... they don't work well, they are not vibrant, and can be a bit messy.

Step One

Pour that glue into the bowl.  We did not measure any ingredients.  The amount of glue you use is the amount of slime going to be produced. 

Step One Slime

Step Two

This step is OPTIONAL!
This is when you get to add your texture to your slime.  Whatever you add make sure the amount added is less than the amount of glue you placed in your bowl. Once again, no measurements just guesstimate.

This is also a good time to add any scented essential oils to your mix! One - Two drops is plenty!

Step Two Slime

Step Three

This step is technically OPTIONAL, but slime wouldn't be as much fun if it didn't have color.  Add your color now!

Step Three Slime

Step Four

This is the MOST important step because you can't make slime without an activator!!  Start with small amounts.

If you do the Borax, I would mix 2 cups of water to 1 tsp of borax and mix well.  We add a few drops at a time, this is crucial because if you add to much you wont have slime, it will just break instead of stretch.  Fixing it from that point seems pointless because it takes SOO much glue to get it a good consistency again.

I tend to make ours not sticky but stretchy just because i don't want the mess all over my house, but this part is completely up to you.

Step four Slime

Step Five

Tada! It is now time to play with slime!

Yes that simple.


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